Increasing efficiency in Logistics through technology

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Lately, we’ve seen an explosive growth in the utilization of technology and innovations to improve efficiency in the logistics world. While this is by no means a new trend, it seems as though with each passing year there are advancements that help those within the industry do their jobs with greater ease and even more productive than before.

Since the start of 2020, like every other business, logistics and transportation businesses also went haywire with their limitations to operate set forth by the pandemic.

Logistics and Transportation businesses are some of the most negatively impacted organizations across the globe due to the pandemic.

Modern age technology like Cloud computing & storage, Robotics and Automation, Predictive Analysis with Artificial Intelligence, Smart tracking with IoT, and more can be implemented for logistics businesses to be more efficient.

Implementation of these technologies can turn out to be a game-changer for any logistics business post-pandemic, especially when they are trying to recover from the losses.

Let’s see how crucial role technology plays to increase the efficiency of any Logistics business :

1. Real-time visibility and accessibility:

With advanced cloud storage ERP modules implemented for logistics, you can now have a real-time look at every minute detail of every single operation going on.

Other than these, with the modern cloud computing advancements, you can enjoy easy access to your whole business system sitting at any corner of the earth at any given time.

2.AI Based route planning:

Machines can easily beat humans for calculating and matching thousands of combinations to find the optimum route. With AI-based route planning, the software can find the optimum routes to follow for every consignment.

With these smart route planning features, you can save a lot of time and fuel costs. The AI-based route planning also has a real-time navigation feature tracking the best routes for consignments even in real-time.

3. IoT embedded advanced tracking:

Asset tracking is now made easier and cheaper with IoT based tracking solutions. Modern systems use technologies like Bluetooth, NFCs, RFID, and GPS to keep a track of every asset.

You can save the time of the whole workforce engaged at every tracking checkpoint with this kind of IoT based tracking mechanism giving you more precision and eradicating every scope for human errors to increase efficiency.

4. Paperless documentation & swift payments:

Save papers, go green, by implementing an end-to-end software solution for your logistics business. The complete paperwork eco-system from creating documents, getting them signed, handling and managing them as proofs can be replaced by the easy to use ERP modules.

The hassles of handling important documents like proof of delivery and payment receipts are gone. Along with this, the modern systems also allows the integration of payment solutions for the business.

Thus, enabling your business to accept digital payments like Credit & debit cards, net banking, UPI, and more. This also allows to easily track the finances on a single dashboard in the ERP system without using any third-party software.

5. Warehouse & storage management:

Let’s not forget the backend operations of every logistics business, i.e. warehouse management. Improper management of warehouses and suboptimal allocation of storage capacities can cost logistics businesses a fortune.

With cloud-based software systems, you can now keep a real-time check on the warehouse capacities and storage details to formulate the allocations more optimally & strategically.

Along with all these mentioned use-cases, there are a lot of small and micro scenarios where technology plays an important role.

Milestone based tracking, Image recognition, Financial reporting, demand forecasting, employee tracking, customer management, order fulfilment and a lot more use cases can be made more efficient with the integration of end-to-end software solutions for a logistics and transportation business.

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