Attracting and retaining the right talent

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Software engineers are one of the highest-paid professionals in today’s tech-savvy world. In addition to this, companies spend thousands of dollars for employing a great person in the hiring process. Despite this, many businesses struggle to get highly skilled and vetted IT professionals.

This difficult case of struggling to acquire good talent is usual in today’s market. We are well aware of how significant it is to acquire good talent for the betterment of their business.

In this article, we will run you through the common challenges that your business might face (or have been facing already) and what can be the optimal solution.

1. Limited reach to a dense talent pool

Almost every company, while building the business focuses on core activities, which are the need of the hour. Due to this, they forget to expand over the peripheral horizons which include developing a good reach with a dense talent pool.

There are highly skilled people finding a great place to work and there are workplaces constantly looking to hire such people. The hindrance is the gap between the two.

2. Slow hiring processes

When the need to hire a candidate arises, it can be assumed that the existing resources are already operating at full capacity. To make it worse, the hiring process starts all the way from scratch.

From announcing the openings to collecting considerable resumes, it takes almost 7-10 days. This is just the start; a LinkedIn survey shows that it takes 49 days on average to hire software engineers.

3. High attrition ratio

Sustaining a good acquired professional is an onerous job after acquiring him/her. A lot of companies struggle to retain the acquired talent due to various reasons.

Sometimes, the candidates reject the offer in the final round of the hiring process due to an unpleasant experience throughout the hiring process. This brings the company back to square one leaving no other option but to go through the complete hiring process one more time. That too without any guarantee that the new candidate will stay for a longer run.

4. Not having a strong employer brand

Not building a strong employer brand is by far the most prominent reason you don’t get access to a good talent pool easily. It is also the most ignored area for IT companies.

The inbound flow of applications for job roles is like having a goldmine of candidates. You can build a stack of highly skilled professionals to whom you now have direct access saving you 7-10 days of resume collection phase.

The above mentioned were some of the most common challenges that IT businesses face while recruiting highly skilled talent. Solving these will surely make the way smoother for you to hire new talent but it doesn’t always guarantee the outcome.

So what is the solution?

The solution to easily hiring high-quality talent…

Partnering with an IT Staffing company!

IT Staffing companies are pros when it comes to providing on-demand and highly skilled IT professionals. They take care of your human resource needs along with the training and development of that resource.

You do not have to worry about collecting resumes, employees leaving, the hiring process, and anything else that may come in the way.

IT Staffing companies like MSBC Group, also possess a very strong employer brand which attracts a lot of skilled people to be attracted to work for them which indirectly works for you when you get onboard with MSBC Group.


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