How 5G will help revolutionise the construction industry

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The fifth generation of wireless communication technology is impending to be the new normal. Many believe this is the very pinnacle of the potential of wireless communication technology. OEMs are considering this as the last innovation in wireless technology, which will help them unlock the full potential of IoT and tap into the amalgamation of augmented reality and mixed reality.

Speaking of the construction industry, existing technology and tools are efficient for on-field connectivity; we have autonomous machines managing heavy workloads, and the AI-enabled platforms have provided a much-needed bridge in improving workers' construction safety and efficiency.

The construction sector has technologically evolved a lot in recent years. 5G will give a boost to technological advancement in construction. Let’s understand how…

5G addresses three significant challenges in the construction industry:

  1. Higher accuracy in construction planning

  2. Improving safety for on-site workers

  3. Increasing efficiency for construction projects

Take a quick look at how 5G will help overcome these three significant challenges for construction businesses.

5G for higher accuracy in construction planning

The latest tech innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality, when combined with seamless connectivity, go 5G will be more accessible and easy to use. Project managers and business owners can create, test, and experience the infrastructure before construction starts.

On-site supervisors will not have to work anymore on paper-based plans. Digital twin technology will be accessible from mobile devices, giving supervisors and on-site workers a cutting-edge advantage to build accurately and spend less time going back and forth. With higher data flow management capabilities, cost predictions and financial planning will be more accurate by leveraging artificial intelligence to process data sets that are more extensive, across the web.

5G for improving the safety of on-site workers

The construction is one of the hazardous sectors when it comes to safety of on-site workers. It accounts for the highest number of on-site work fatalities in the world. 5G technology has some promising innovations to improve this challenge. Of course, shorter response times and better connectivity are very primitive advantages of 5G Connectivity, but there’s more.

5G-powered wearable IoT devices will replace standard PPE equipment. For context, workers will have helmets and jackets with embedded sensors connected with the mesh network of the site operational on 5G. If a worker approaches high-risk areas, those sensors can alert the work and influence the moment.

The performance of remote control drones and vehicles is another crucial advantage of 5G technology. 5G technology will now allow better control of these vehicles with faster responses and higher ranges. The scale of these improved remote-controlled vehicles can replace a lot of human activity in high-risk areas on-site.

5G for increasing efficiency on construction sites

5G is meant to increase efficiency in general. Higher speed for fast browsing and easy download of larger files are common advantages of 5G. For the construction sector, quick access to any information related to the project can help manage compliance more efficiently.

The better speed and connectivity will add up to some of the use mentioned above cases, like the efficient use of remote-controlled vehicles. Moreover, 5G will act as an upgrade for current efficiency solutions for the construction sector.

Other than the solutions mentioned above and innovations, 5G has many use cases to offer. The implementation of 5G looks promising in the near future. If you are in the construction sector, you should start learning about the use cases of 5G technology and how it can synergise with your existing solutions to overcome challenges and give you a cutting edge over other businesses in your business community. Visit software solutions for construction to know more about how MSBC Group helps construction companies with software solutions.


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