Myths and Misconceptions for Business Process Outsourcing

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As the workplaces are going remote and work getting digital, many businesses and startups are opting for business process outsourcing to get peripheral business tasks done effectively and efficiently.

Whether it is a large MNC or a bootstrapped startup, outsourcing business processes has turned out to be a great business decision if done correctly. If you are a business owner and you have not leveraged BPO services for your business yet, then you might have come across a lot of misconceptions about business process outsourcing

In this article, we have come up with some common myths and misconceptions that business owners have about BPO services.

Business process outsourcing services have been heard of as a helping hand across a lot in different industries. If you have no idea about what BPO is, we have published an article in past stating what is BPO and the benefits of BPO for a business.

If you already know about business process outsourcing and its benefits and you have still not leveraged it for your business then this is the article for you. Let’s look at some common misconceptions about BPO and see why they are just misconceptions and how you can avoid them.

1. Compromise on data security & privacy

You might have heard cases where lower security standards have resulted in data breaches. It might be true but it doesn’t happen just like that.

BPO service provider’s reputation depends on how securely it handles the data of its clients and their projects. If you ensure that the BPO service provider you are getting onboard with has a good reputation half of your worries are gone.

Along with the past work, also check for the certifications and licensing the company possesses. MSBC Group has an ISO 27001:2013 certification that certifies us to have established procedures and processes to ensure the highest level of data security.

2. Difference in Time Zone creates a barrier in communication

Often while outsourcing business operations to a service provider situated overseas causes the difference in time zones. It can become difficult for you to match times to communicate if there’s a vast difference.

But there’s a solution for this. Large scale BPO service providers that have offices and staff across different countries can assist you 24X7. Speaking of us, MSBC Group has strategically located its offices in 3 distinct countries USA, UK & India which allows us to be operational 24 hours round the clock.

Thus opting for a BPO service provider with a multinational presence and has established offices at strategic locations can mitigate the barrier of time zones.

3. Outsourcing business processes can turn out to be expensive and less effective

While building an in-house team looks cheaper than outsourcing at the start, the truth is the complete opposite! Building an in-house team does not involve only the basic salaries, it has its downsides.

To highlight some cons, building an in-house team takes you through a long repeating hiring process, followed by training employees, and then the uncertainty of them leaving for a better salary. While with outsourcing, vetted professionals work on your project to ensure the best outcomes. Alongside, you don’t have to worry about the individuals going on vacations or holidays, with BPO service providers you get the service 365 days.

4. Lack of transparency & no control over the project

The main motive for outsourcing certain business processes is to get time to focus on core business operations. Even though professionals working on your project are sitting a few thousand kilometres away from your office doesn’t mean that you cannot have your eye over the details.

Almost every BPO service provider involves their client in the finest details of the project because they want to make the processes smoother and deliver the best possible outcomes.

There are some common misconceptions that you might have heard of believing if you have not leveraged BPO for your business. Now that you know that these are just misconceptions and not the truth you might be looking for a reputed BPO service provider. Feel free to contact MSBC Group for any of your BPO needs.

You can also visit our business process outsourcing services section to know more about our offerings and expertise in BPO services.


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