Improving your company's Secret Sauce

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Your company is unique. It is made up of individuals who contribute their time, effort, and knowledge to the betterment of your company. Much like individuals, no two companies are the same. You can imagine the components that make up your company as a kind of ‘secret sauce.’ No one has the same ingredients that you do. This secret recipe is made up of more than just the people in your company, but the methods, technology, and tools you use in the day-to-day.

Unfortunately, now more than ever, it is difficult to retain the secret ingredients of your company. Over time, employees leave, systems change, and as a result, the core of your company can struggle to hold its original shape. That said, you don’t have to let your company’s secret sauce get out. Thanks to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other innovative software solutions, you can keep the ingredients that make your company great, in your company.

How Technology Can Boost Productivity

The nature of work is changing. Much how the Spinning Jenny improved the level of wool mill productivity in the 18th century, innovative technology is changing our overall level of production. Many companies are beginning to cycle out old technologies and software for new specialized solutions that increase their team’s productivity. At the same time, other companies rely on outdated methods and programs, which may be cheaper, but can dramatically hurt profits for the long term.

By updating the software that you use, you can cut the downtime often caused by the many quirks and malfunctions of an outdated system. You can also help your team work smarter not harder by giving them the tools necessary to improve their productivity. As a result, they’ll show more enthusiasm for their work, and make better use of their time. In the past, like the 18th century, for instance, problems were solved through the use of overwhelming manpower. While that may have worked back then, it doesn’t work today. Companies today need more than just people, they need clever software solutions that streamline the whole process. Software that automates easily to do tasks like scheduling, estimates, and invoicing, can give your team even more time to tackle the tasks that require a more hands-on approach. The nature of work is changing, and with innovative software solutions, you can change with it.

Securing Your Information and Resources

As mentioned prior, companies in the past always suffered some kind of ‘brain-drain,’ in that, the special ingredients, or people, who made their company great, would eventually leave taking their know-how with them. Today, people are still as invaluable as they had been in the past, but now you don’t have to lose that knowledge, skill, and intuition when a valued employee leaves your company.

Today, you can instil the skill and knowledge of an invaluable employee into an algorithm, or piece of software. Doing so can keep the ‘secret sauce’ of your company, a secret. Furthermore, business technologies allow for better security sensitive information. Today, encryption and cybersecurity are essential for software development companies. Ergo, you can rest easy knowing that your ‘secret ingredients’ stay within the bounds of your company.

Consistency is Key

Before the age of computing, company owners had to trust that all of the components of their company were running consistently. Unfortunately, this wasn’t always the case. For instance, in businesses where quoting and selling was a significant component, sales team members were found to be misquoting or disregarding company policy to make a sale. Today, this can be a nonexistent issue.

Company owners who implement an ERP system or other integrated systems can now have greater control over the many facets of their company. As a result, there is a greater sense of overall consistency. Customers are more satisfied knowing that their concerns can be addressed promptly and that they are getting a fair price. Companies are also reporting higher profits as technology automates simple time-consuming functions and decreases the chances of having to correct a costly mistake.

Adapting with the Times

Throughout history, early adopters of new technologies have always benefited. You can look back again to the Industrial Revolution when machines first made their major mark on the global workforce. Early adopters of industrial revolution technology certainly reaped the profits of increased productivity and higher levels of control and consistency. Today, many believe we are experiencing another industrial revolution, wherein intelligent software maximizes the productivity and effectiveness of companies and their employees.

MSBC has almost 20 years of experience in helping companies enhance and retain their ‘secret sauce’ through our software solution and IT staffing services. Implementing these technologies may be daunting at first, but by taking the first leap, you can push your company towards the future, and get a leg up above the competition.


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