Sept 2021

On Saturday 18th September 2021, MSBC held an event filled with fun, food, games and laughter at the luxurious Taj Skyline Ahmedabad.

It was an evening to remember where MSBC employees along with their families gathered together for the first time in a long time.

Needless to say, the pandemic period has proven to be one of the most challenging times in our personal and working lives due to COVID-19. However, here at MSBC, our team spirits were not broken and through perseverance and cooperation, we managed to steer through these times. As a part of several other workplace entertainment and training activities keeping our teams inspired, creative and engaged; MSBC were able to organise a successful evening supported by senior management.

Over 150 people attended the successful event and were entertained all evening by a well-known Radio Jockey - RJ Manish, who brought the crowd together with his excellent hosting skills and exciting games such as "One Minute Selfies" (go around the room and see how many selfies you can take in one minute) as well as "Save your Balloon" (a game where each individual is given a balloon that they have to protect) and much more! The games were conducted amongst the four house teams at MSBC and the participation and enjoyment were more than expected.

Along with the games, a highlight of the night was the "MSBC FUN AWARDS". A series of quirky, light-hearted awards given to the employees with the highest number of votes, ranging from Biggest Foodie to Border Patrol to Fire Extinguisher and many more!

After all the fun and games had winded down it was now time for a sit down five-course meal where employees and families enjoyed themselves even more.

All in all, it was an enjoyable, successful evening that brought colleagues closer together. Events such as the MSBC Retreat is an excellent initiative to improve company culture, build relationships which can be fantastic for team building and boosting company morale.

The MSBC Retreat was a great way of recognising all the hard work that employees put in for the company and its services to its clients.

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