How technology is impacting the logistics industry

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The logistics industry is one of the most important industries on the planet. And it'll keep getting more and more important in an increasingly digital world.

That's because logistics businesses are now forced to contend with ever-changing technologies like big data, robotics, and mobile devices that can simultaneously influence how they plan routes and schedule deliveries while also changing how they manage inventory and optimize fleets.

It doesn’t matter if a business is a decade old or operating just for a few weeks. Technology and collateral upgrades have become mandatory for a successful business drive.

The contribution of technology is much higher than just being a platform for a central data repository. Technology has impacted the logistics industry to come a long way, from the increased productivity of workers to more secure on-site environments.

Digital transformation is done through custom software solutions & IoT devices have taken logistics businesses to the next level of operation. Let’s look at how deeply the technological impact is engraved in the transformation of the logistics and supply chain industry.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

    Can you imagine managing inventory all on paper? Checks are required at every transaction. All the data update needs to be done after the arrival and departure of every vehicle. Many redundancies, tedious work, and manual execution are not error-proof. RFID sensors have changed the way how inventories are managed. Everything is tracked and updated automatically in a central database with the help of RFID stickers or barcodes.

    IoT-based devices act as a catalyst in processes, from the approval of vehicles at the entrance to managing the internal transit of shipments and cargo inside a warehouse.

  2. Enhanced GPS accuracy and Route planning

    Advance GPS technologies have also enabled users to track real-time traffic and road conditions. All this, combined with super powerful AI algorithms, optimises for the best possible routes that translate to lesser fuel costs and timely deliveries.

    Besides this, the accurate tracking of vehicles and shipments has released both logistics companies and the receiver from the tension of hazards and late deliveries.

  3. ERP & custom software solutions

    Custom software solutions for logistics have digitised almost every back-office task and the majority of front-office tasks. From paperwork to decision-making, everything is now assisted by software. Studies show that customer satisfaction has drastically improved with automated chatbots rather than holding customers on the phone for hours.

    Looking into what’s happening in every part of the organisation in real-time is a superpower for managers & business owners. Cloud-based software solutions have made this possible. Advanced AI-based software modules can even help predict vehicle maintenance, inventory usage, and expected cost overheads, leading to solid financial planning and effortless execution.

To know more about digitisation and digital transformation for the logistics industry, you can see over custom software solutions for logistics. To know more about MSBC Group, feel free to contact us.


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