Top 5 Software Solution Trends for 2022

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The year 2021 might not have been a great one for a lot of people. But there’s one thing it certainly has done. It has made the evolution of the fast-growing software market even faster. McKinsey claims that US e-commerce markets have shown growth of 10 years in just the 1st Quarter of 2020.

The software solutions market is waiting for its disruption. And while this may sound like the last thing the industry needs, it's really not. The ubiquity of technology has rendered outdated much of what it has to offer, and providers are doing their best to keep up with the demands of the ever-changing world.

For industry players who wish to gain the competitive edge in the software solutions market, then, it's important that they learn where the industry is headed and make substantive adjustments as they go along.

In General, the software industry is one of the most perplexing industries to predict keeping its ever changing and fast growing nature in mind.

Let’s dive into the top 5 software solution trends to understand why they have the potential to lead the software industry in 2022 :

1. Advanced cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based software systems are now around for a while. When the pandemic hit, it got rid of the prevailing doubts about cloud-based systems. In 2022, nearly every business will have some kind of cloud-based software supporting some of its operations.

With the wider adoption and increasing demands, cloud-based systems are advancing too. Advanced technologies are on the march to make more reliable and secured cloud-based environments. The more secure and advanced cloud systems will become more cost-effective as it advances in the upcoming years.

The increase in the use of cloud-based systems & the convenience of cloud-based systems along with the advancements in technology is going to be a defining pillar of the future of the software industry.

2. Blockchain

Mainstream media has not covered much about Blockchain technology yet. While cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are getting attention, their foundation i.e. blockchain is still lesser-known.

Since its inception, blockchain has been an astonishing invention for the ‘Tech Geeks’. Experts say that it is now time for blockchain technology for wider adoption.

After the humongous success of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based concepts like NFTs, major players in the banking sector are showing their readiness to implement blockchain technology in mainstream banking facilities.

To upgrade the whole banking system to this new decentralisation & remote functioning technology (blockchain) is not going to be swift, but it is going to happen eventually due to increasing threats on the existing traditional financial systems and the encryption benefits of blockchain.

3. Rapid Application Development

We are living in a rapidly changing world. The software solutions industry has an unfair advantage over other industries in this world. In any industry, let’s say manufacturing, we cannot change the design of the product once it is half manufactured. In the software, you can!

Rapid application development (RAD) is a relatively new approach in which it develops a prototype quick to test features and functions.

Now, businesses will no more have to compromise on what’s done. RAD will be the new and preferred way of developing software solutions in 2022.

4. Continuous Delivery Solutions

Continuous delivery solutions is a modern-day software development and deployment cycle. The continuous delivery approach helps Dev & Ops operate with almost zero deviations.

DevOps is one of the commonly used methods in the software development industry. Continuous delivery solutions add up to the capabilities of DevOps by making it more agile and flexible. Predictions say that continuous delivery solutions are going to be adapted to all the DevOps projects towards the end of 2022.

5. Highly Secure Big Data

Data is the new oil’ and we know what happens when oil spills. It’s a disaster to be careless with these huge amounts of data. In the past few years, big data has been the trending thing in the software solutions industry.

Many businesses built in recent times completely rely upon big data and related technology. With the increasing amount of data, its security is a big issue. Due to this, along with advancing data technologies, highly secure big data is going to be the next leap in the industry.

These were the top predictions of the trends expected in the year 2022 in the software industry. Along with these advancing and cutting edge technologies, you have to make sure that your software solutions provider keeps up to date with knowledge and resources to serve you with the latest technology applications.

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