Why you need IT Staffing services
instead of hiring Freelancers.

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Congratulations! Your business is growing at full pace. You are getting more and more clients. Your existing clients are also upgrading their services with you. Amidst this, you will have to constantly get good Tech professionals to join your organisation to meet the demands.

Here's why you need to get IT Staffing services and start doing direct hires instead of freelancers. There are many reasons why you want to hire a staffing firm such as IT Staffing. First, it's economical. You can save a considerable amount by hiring the right people and getting them in the right positions. Second, you have access to the best of the best. A staffing firm will only send you a candidate if they are qualified for your position. And lastly, it will make your IT department run smoothly and efficiently, so you can concentrate on what is important to your business and not where to get the next person from.

Certain times, there is a surge in demand where you need vetted IT professionals to join your company ASAP! In these kinds of circumstances, you merely have two choices.

  • 1st Choice:

    You hire tech freelancers to meet the demands.

    Hiring freelancers is quick, fast and easy, but it has its downsides too. With freelancers, you cannot assure quality all the time. You don’t have any middle body monitoring performances and quality of output that freelance professional is churning out.

    This leaves you with the Choice no 2

  • 2nd Choice:

    Build a team of full-time IT professionals.

    This is great, but only if you have time and resources to conduct a very long hiring process. Thus, in such cases getting an IT Staffing company to help you with hiring makes the perfect sense and seems like a go-to way to meet the demands.

IT Staffing services over hiring freelancers

Building a full-time team gives you control over the quality of output. Other than this, the reliability of a full-time team member can’t be demanded from a freelance tech professional.

When it comes to building a team of full-time professionals, it usually takes a lot of time to carry out long hiring processes by yourself. In such scenarios, getting onboard with an IT staffing company is more practical.

Let’s talk about some of the major advantages you get by hiring an IT Staffing company instead of freelancers.

Accountability & Continuity

Having an IT Staffing partner means you have an accountable party for the remote full-time resources you have hired. Make sure that the IT Staffing partner you opt for is the subject matter expert as per your requirements.

Along with this, a full-time team of individuals is far more reliable than freelancers. It takes so much effort to train an individual as per your company’s norms and processes. You cannot afford to lose trained individuals and keep on hiring again and again. That’s why opting for full-time resources turns out to be efficient as compared to that of freelancers.

Secure and transparent operations

An IT Staffing company with proper certifications gives you a sense of relief over your intellectual properties and classified information. Contrary to this, having a freelancer is like giving away your information and data on a third-party system that you have not known till two weeks ago.

Properly certified IT Staffing companies like MSBC Group have predefined security standards and process which ensures the highest level of security over your information. Along with this, it allows you to have complete visibility over your project work with fully transparent operations.

If you are facing a surge in demands and need a team of IT experts, then get in touch with MSBC Group. We have experience of over 14 years in building and hosting fully functional teams of IT professionals for tech companies in need. Visit our IT Staffing services page to know details about our services.


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