Things you need to do before outsourcing

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Many businesses today are outsourcing work to cut costs and save time. However, they often do not consider the implications of doing so. Outsourcing is a smart business decision, but only if you take the proper precautions beforehand.

We have listed out tips to avoid IT outsourcing failures in one of our recent blogs which lays emphasis on preparation before outsourcing. Once you start the outsourcing process by getting onboard with an IT outsourcing partner there’s not much in your hands.

But what you can do is prepare internally before outsourcing any tasks. So, how do you prepare and what do you need to do before outsourcing? Stay tuned and keep reading if you have the same question wandering in your mind.

Here is a list of items you should have in place before even starting your search for an IT outsourcing partner.

  1. 1. Nothing works if you don’t have a clear vision or mapped out outcomes

    The primary task for the preparation is to have a clear vision and clear expectations in terms of outcomes from the outsourcing project. Everything from the feature list to use cases and the backend processes - should be noted down.

    You should also have to figure out what will be a success scenario for you and what you cannot compromise on at the end of the project. This will help both you and your outsourcing partner to progress collaterally.

  2. 2. Appoint or assign a dedicated point of contact from your in-house team

    Ambiguous communication can be a turn-off point for your complete project. Mostly it is observed that after outsourcing a project every stakeholder from the in-house team keeps in the loop directly with the outsourcing team, which can create ambiguity.

    Appoint any one person from your in-house team as a point of contact with the outsourcing team. It will let you keep the in-house communication aligned to what the outsourcing team is working on.

  3. 3. Formulate the selection criteria for the outsourcing partner

    While you are brewing up everything for your project, do not ignore that you have to choose a reliable outsourcing partner to hand over all these preparation.

    Before starting your search for a perfect IT outsourcing partner, have a list of criteria ready with you. Write down in detail your needs. If you want them to have certain certifications, list all those.

  4. 4. Establish the standard operating processes to have complete transparency

    Transparency is necessary when it comes to outsourcing projects. Without complete transparency, you really do not have any idea about what is going on in your project unless it is completed. This might land you in havoc.

    Analysing the efforts of the complete project right at the finish line does not make sense. You should have a regular evaluation to smack the complete team in line at needed points. Thus, you should have clearly set out processes, which can let you have complete transparency over the work.

  5. 5. The right mindset is a must

    Alongside the literal preparation, you must develop the right mindset to be associated with the outsourcing partner. You should be ready to be flexible while not compromising on results.

    Have an open mindset towards the discussions and inputs from the outsourcing team as well as other stakeholders and march your way towards successful completion of the complete project.

    Now that you are ready with your list, you might need a suitable IT outsourcing partner to outsource your project. In this case, do not hesitate to contact us right away.


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