Outsourcing software development strategies

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The fast-moving world demands faster-evolving technology. This has brought outsourcing technological needs to fashion. Previously, outsourcing was limited to big companies and large projects however more and more small businesses want a piece of the action too!

Speaking of IT outsourcing, it has its conveniences and benefits. The humongous risk of developing a fully operational team in-house can be mitigated by outsourcing software/IT projects.

Despite having a lot of gains, outsourced software projects do fail several times. A failed IT outsourcing project generally transpires from poor planning and a bad outsourcing strategy. But we have got you covered, this article is meant to give you strategic guidance for outsourcing software development effectively.

Let’s jump in…

1. Conduct an audit and map out your goals

Prior to starting the process of searching for an outsourcing partner, conduct a detailed audit about the need for outsourcing. What risks you are diluting, who will be involved in taking charge of the remote team, where are you going to dedicate the freed-up resource, and more.

Finally, you should also map out your expectation and end goals clearly to establish a profound base for outsourcing.

2. Explore all outsourcing models

Different outsourcing models are crafted keeping distinct use cases in focus. The success of your project highly depends on what kind of outsourcing model you opt for. We already have a dedicated article from where you can get a better understanding of all types of outsourcing models.

3. Setup routine monitoring process

Having a remote team is convenient only till there is a proper management process. Establishing a routine monitoring process enables both parties to work efficiently. This way you will be getting regular updates and the remote team won’t feel nudged again and again.

4. Hire an outsourcing partner with relevant experience

Hiring an outsourcing partner with relevant experience and a good record signifies the capabilities of the team to pull off successful projects. It is preferable to seek value and experience over the cost of the outsourcing projects.

Don’t hire just because they are cheaper, hire for the highest value provider amongst all the options you have for outsourcing partners.

5. Flag milestones and keep evaluating in regular intervals

As it is famously said "If you are going to fail, fail fast" to make sure you have enough time to recover. Thus dividing the complete project into small milestones can help you keep track.

On top of this if you keep evaluating at regular intervals you can have an understanding of the chances of success. This way you will quickly know if anything goes south rather than being completely unaware of the situation until the whole project wraps up in the trash.

The above mentioned are some of the directions that can help you outsource software development projects strategically. If you are looking for an outsourcing partner with a proven track record of almost 2 decades then feel free to contact us. Do check out our offerings and capabilities for software development services.


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